Citizenship Through Naturalization

An experienced citizenship lawyer can help you determine if you already are a citizen or if you would be an excellent fit to naturalize.

Fiance Visa Lawyer

Our attorney has handled countless K-1 Fiance visa applications over more than ten years as an immigration lawyer and can help you bring your Fiance to the United States.

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About Us

Toma Makedonski

Toma Makedonski, Esq, founded TMA, The Toma Makedonski Immigration Firm. Toma is an experienced attorney in the field of immigration law. Toma earned his Juris Doctorate from Valparaiso University College of Law and his Bachelor’s from Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois. Toma has been practicing law for over 20 years.

Mr. Makedonski was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, and is the first generation of immigrants from North Macedonia. That is why he knows the importance of good legal representation and has dedicated himself to providing that to his clients. Toma is fluent in Macedonian, Bulgarian, Serbo Croatian.

Immigration Services


Citizenship Through Naturalization

If a person is not born a U.S. Citizen, they can become one through a process known as Naturalization. Minor children that are not U.S. Citizens… 


Fiance Visa Lawyer

Are you looking for a Fiance Visa Lawyer? The process of applying for a K-1 Fiance Visa can sometimes seem daunting and can be filled with potential pitfalls…


Marriage Visas

A marriage visa is a document that allows the spouse of a US citizen or lawful permanent resident to enter the US legally, live here, and shortly…


Marriage-Based Adjustment of Status

Marriage-Based Adjustment of Status (USCIS Form I-485) allows a foreign national to remain in the United States and obtain a green card after marrying…


Marriage-Based Green Card

A marriage visa is an immigrant visa petition that leads to a green card or permanent residency for a spouse of a U.S. Citizen…


Visa Overstay

Foreign nationals who have entered the U.S. legally for various reasons often overstay the period allotted by their visa for them to remain in the U.S…