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Immigration rules are constantly changing, sometimes every week. It is difficult for even those that specialize in it to keep up. Going through the process without professional help can end in a disaster. Sleep better at night and talk with a qualified immigration lawyer. Even an initial consultation can guide you to start forming the right strategy for your particular situation.

At The Law Office Of Toma Makedonski, our goal is to get you and your family or business the immigration result you seek. Over a decade of experience dealing with thousands of petitions and cases allows us to spot the common pitfalls and avoid them before they even take place.

If you need help with an immigration matter in Southern California, look no further. We are here to help! And offer low flat fees on all immigration services.

Immigration Attorney Toma Makedonski can assist you with all of your immigration issues in Southern California. Whether you face deportation, starting a business as an immigrant, marrying a foreign fiance, or bringing over your foreign parent, we are here to help. Our goal is to provide a personal approach where you are not lost in the shuffle, and your concerns and needs are met. We Offer free virtual consultations via various web or phone applications. 

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    Attorney Toma Makedonski offers a low-cost, flat fee in most cases, so you, as the client, know what your cost will be upfront. Toma Makedonski is a Chicago Illinois Immigration Lawyer with upfront, low-cost, flat fees on most immigration cases.

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