Low Cost Flat Fee Immigration Attorney

Low Cost Flat Fee Immigration Attorney

It isn’t a surprise that potential clients feel a sigh of relief when quoted a flat fee with no qualifiers before they walk into a law office. Immigrationlawhub.com, founded by California Immigration attorney Toma Makedonski, is adamant that there be no deviation or qualifiers regarding the fee when advertising flat fees. “I receive at least three calls a week with potential clients asking me if there are other hidden costs or fees other than what was advertised,” Makedonski stated

“immigrationlawhub.com strives to break the mold of bait and switch advertising in the legal field that is so prevalent, and more importantly, the negative perception that exists,” Makedonski stated. “Seven out of ten clients that walk through my door

have already been to another firm and have walked away because they weren’t who they said they were when it comes to the price quoted them on the phone or advertisement,” continued Makedonski.

Chicago Illinois Immigration attorney Tom Makedonski has been filing Immigration cases since 2000 and has taken his experiences with clients to form immigrationlawhub.com. “Besides technology, we are a three-person law firm and are in no way trying to compete with the big law firm that spends $50,000 a month in advertising,” says Makedonski. “We decided to just do one thing and keep costs down and provide the same level of service as the big firms. There is no status in overpaying or hiring an attorney just because they advertise in larger media outlets,” says Makedonski.

Immigrationlawhub.com was founded by Chicago Illinois Immigration attorney Toma Makedonski in December of 2009 as an internet entity to streamline its business based on the flat fee model for Immigration cases. “Technology is the main reason we can charge a flat fee and still make a profit,” says Makedonski. Before filings went online, we had to file petitions directly at the court building, sometimes waiting in line for over an hour to see the clerk,” says Makedonski. “This is billable

time that we can now pass down to the client as the system has become more efficient and provides lower fees to the client. The goal of this model is for the client to know what to expect before they walk through our door,” Makedonski stated. This is easier said than done because of all the misleading advertising by law firms throughout the years. “We are confident that we can achieve the level of trust just by simply putting our words into action,” Makedonski stated. See our page on flat fee immigration services, we strive to be an affordable Chicago Illinois immigration law firm. 

Attorney Toma Makedonski offers a low-cost, flat fee in most cases, so you, as the client, know what your cost will be upfront. Toma Makedonski is a Chicago Illinois Immigration Lawyer with upfront, low-cost, flat fees on most immigration cases.

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