Marriage Visas

Marriage Visas

WHAT is a Marriage Visa?

A marriage visa is a document that allows the spouse of a US citizen or lawful permanent resident to enter the US legally, live here, and shortly after arrival obtains permanent residency with a green card.

WHY do I want one?

 A marriage visa, often called a spousal visa or CR-1 visa, is a path to be used when a marriage relationship exists between the parties, which allows for direct application for the spouse’s entry into the US and permanent residency/green card; with possible citizenship to follow. There is no adjustment of status required. Call and ask about our affordable Chicago Illinois   flat rate legal immigration fees for your marriage visa.

HOW do I obtain one?

The US citizen (or permanent resident) spouse (called a “sponsor”) files USCIS forms and supporting documents on behalf of the alien immigrant (called the “beneficiary”) in a two-part process.

Part I is comprised of forms and supporting documents filed with the USCIS by both the sponsor and beneficiary.

Part II starts after the initial USCIS approval. The case is sent to the United States Department of State and then to an embassy or consulate in the beneficiary’s country. There are also required submissions of additional documents, preparation for the interview, and the issuance of the marriage visa to the beneficiary. 

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